Nothing left to chance

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On Wellbid, there’s no room for chance. To win an auction and get a high-end product for pennies on the dollar, you have to make a deliberate effort. This is not roulette or craps. Different rules apply. Read on to find out why.

BLOG_2015_06_003---tydzien-29_01_M_INTFirst and foremost, you need to have a well though-out, effective strategy, that will take other users by surprise. Some use simple tactics—predictable and easy to see through. Others are more devious and think way outside the box. Second, you won’t get far without persistence. After all, your goal is to buy something for mere pennies. The more you want to win, the greater the odds of success. And third, you must be able to observe carefully, react quickly, and anticipate your opponents’ moves.

Our auctions have nothing to do with games of chance. In games of chance, winning is a random event, a matter of dumb luck. The outcome of a Wellbid auction, in contrast, is determined by its participants. In games of chance, success is not a function of the player’s rational choices. On Wellbid, your decisions drive the progress of the auction. You can bid or you can hold. You can bid manually or take advantage of the convenience of Autobid. You can increase or lower your Autobid settings. You can join in at any moment, or fall back on Smart Autobid, which will only place its first bid when there’s just one person left in the auction. You can bid on several auctions simultaneously, or focus on a single one.

You have actual influence on what happens during an auction. Who wins is really up to you.

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