No lucky winners

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What is “luck”? It’s a fluke, a happy coincidence, an accidental success. Wellbid auctions are not about luck, and they are not won by happenstance.

BLOG_2015_06_003---tydzien-29_02_M_INTOur auctions are not games of chance. Lotteries, raffles, and sweepstakes offer a very different kind of entertainment. In a lottery, you don’t have the slightest impact on the outcome. Blind luck decides whether your numbers are drawn or not. There’s nothing random about Wellbid auctions. The end result is not decided by chance but by you, the users. You determine the length of the auction and the item’s final price. There are no lots or prizes here.

Purchasing more tickets will improve your odds in a lottery drawing. On Wellbid, your account balance is not all that important. Regardless of how many BIDs you have, you can be a winner. This is because what counts most is strategy.

Games of chance are sometimes called “games against nature”. They are all about good fortune. On Wellbid, on the other hand, success is a matter of logical choices and well-considered strategy. You’re not taking on fate or nature—just other auction participants.

Of course, random events may interfere with bidding: unruly colleges or a tough boss at work, a crying baby or a loud neighbor at home. But, there’s nothing random about the auction itself.

There’s no such thing as luck of the draw on Wellbid. Victory depends on perseverance and strategic thinking. Only you—our users—decide who wins an auction.

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