Bidding is fun

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Want to experience some fun and excitement? Some people try to find them in extreme sports, others in travel or a new hobby. Such entertainments can be quite pricy. You don’t have to spend a lot, though! Join us at Wellbid auctions and have a great time buying for less!

Wellbid guarantees all the thrill of traditional auctions. The difference is that you cannot see your opponents and the gavel strike has been replaced with a countdown clock. To place your bid, you don’t raise a card or paddle—instead, you use bidding units, or BIDs.

BLOG_2015_07_005---tydzien-31_02_MBuying on Wellbid is different from shopping at other auction sites. Elsewhere, it may cost you nothing to bid—but you also won’t be able to purchase items at half off, or even 90% below retail price. Some places, you don’t even have to bid at all: you click “Buy Now” and you’re done. Simple, but where’s the fun? Where’s the spirit of competition?

Wellbid is never boring! Here, you have to come up with an effective strategy and fight for the item you want. You bid, you wait for your opponents’ reaction, you anxiously watch the auction clock, you try to decide whether to bid again immediately or hold out just a bit longer… The excitement never stops! And when you win, you can feel both happy and proud. That’s a lot of positive emotion!

But Wellbid is more than just online auctions. We organize live auctions as well! Live bidding is a blast—you can see your rivals and watch their reactions as everyone competes for awesome merchandise: tablets, smartphones, cameras, and more.

Wellbid auctions offer loads of fun and plenty of adrenaline! There’s nothing better than the thrill you feel when outbidding your opponents and waiting the results. Say no to the boredom of regular auction sites! Join us and have a good time!

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