Ups and downs

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It was late in the evening and the brilliant moon shone high in the sky. With all my chores taken care of, I signed into my favorite auction site. I go to Wellbid nearly every day to see if anything interesting is going on. This time, my visit turned out to be even more exciting than usual…

I had 673 BIDs in my account. I decided to give a 500 BID pack auction a try. From the get-go, I set up Autobid. There was only one other participant, using the same strategy as me. To scare my opponent off, for a couple of minutes I kept changing my Autobid settings. Old trick, but apparently it still works, since I got to see the “Finished” sign in no time! The pack was mine, for just 135 BIDs. A pretty sweet deal, you have to admit. 🙂

BLOG_2015_06_002_MF_t32_pI felt good, so I kept on bidding. My next target was a LEGO set I wanted to get for my son. There was more competition this time around, but I refused to let go. Like before, I constantly altered my Autobid settings. I wanted to create the impression that I had lots of BIDs at my disposal and that nothing was going to stop me from getting the item. I kept at it until… I ran out of BIDs. In all the excitement, I forgot to recharge my account. 🙁

I immediately bought a pack of 1000 BIDs and in just a few moments was ready for another round. I set my sights on “Bid x 3” auctions and, with my wife in mind, started to bid on a $30 gift card. This time, I played it smart, waiting for the participants to burn through a bunch of BIDs. As soon as two of the bidders called it quits, I joined in—with Autobid, naturally. Another person gave up soon after, which encouraged me to push on. And suddenly… I saw my username and avatar under the “Finished” sign! I couldn’t believe it—the gift card only cost me 50 BIDs. My new strategy turned out to be quite effective. 🙂

It’s hard to describe the buzz I felt. You simply have to experience that for yourself! The gift card arrived very quickly. My wife was delighted and—just as quickly—set out to put it to good use.

Author: julia

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