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Few months ago my friend told me about Out of curiosity I had a look on the page. Incredibly low final prices attracted my attention so I didn’t want to waste any more bargains. I’ve set an account and bought BIDs.

I’ve started my adventure with Wellbid from the gift card auction. I admit that at the beginning I wasn’t sure that I was on the right path. There were only three bidders, after a while, more users joined that auction and finally there were “some kind of Autobids”. I thought – No, nosuch stuff is not for me. Now I know that Autobids were just bidding, but at the beginning I just got scared.

BLOG_2015_09_001---tydzien-36__MF_2With only few BIDs left, I decided to escape and then 100 BID pack caught my eye. Not many users were interested in it so I decided to try it out! It was worth it! BID pack was mine only after 3 bids! Unfortunately, you can win one BID pack per day but thanks to those limits auctions aren’t so crowded!

I’ve spent all my BIDs quite fast, as I didn’t thought trough and I didn’t have any good strategy or tactic. But with each next auction I was getting better and better. I have learnt how to use “those Autobids” to my advantage. They turned out to be useful tools, sometimes they allow me to have a good night sleep 🙂

Obviously there is no one good strategy that will enable you to win each auction. However, there is always a possibility that someone will outbid you and on the other hand, you will win single singlehandedly with your opponent on the next battle. The most important thing is to bid wisely, and do not let your emotion take control over you! Remember that you can get the dreamt item again and again.

So what are you waiting for, join Isn’t it great to buy brand new Apple iPad for 40 pence? Believe me, or not – I’ve seen such final prices! 🙂

Author: julia

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  1. hi i am intrested on bidding in this site but when i go through the reviws in the internet there are lot of complains , so i am confused weather to bid in you site or not , can you explain me how you can assure my bidding

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    • We have been in business since 2008 and are operating in strict compliance with all applicable laws. Every day, hundreds of our users win the opportunity to buy exciting products at unbelievably low prices. However, every auction can only have one winner, and it is simply not possible to win all the time. Please keep this in mind and make sure you understand the bidding process well before you begin your adventure with Wellbid. All the necessary information is available from the Help and FAQ pages, and our Customer Service representatives will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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  2. Bought bids but never received them

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    • Please contact our Customer Service at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

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  3. Well if is a fantastic way to buy top of the line products for far less than retail while having a thrilling time in the process. I’ve tried other sites but none come close to the longstanding opportunity and unparalleled success offered by wellbid! I can’t wait to get started; I’ll be back soon to share my experience and good fortune!

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  4. Well it is a fantastic way to buy top of the line products.

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