Smart shopping

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Have you heard of smart shopping? It’s buying high-quality products at the lowest possible price. As you can imagine, Wellbid fits right into this global trend.

Maximizing your savings takes real skill — especially when it comes to more expensive items. You probably often compare prices across a number of different stores. Then, you pick the seller that asks the least, or the one that has the best reviews. Buying on Wellbid is smart shopping improved — the prices are always great and the seller’s reputation is impeccable.

BLOG_2015_09_003_MF1_1EN_t38_pYou don’t even need to compare the prices with any other stores, be it brick-and-mortar or online. You already know that on Wellbid you can buy new, brand-name items for pocket change. A Sony camera for $0.75, Dior perfume for $1.85, a Philips steam cooker for $0.88, an Apple Mac mini for $2.39 — these are just a few small bits of evidence to prove that smart shopping is what our auctions are all about. And no wonder, considering the starting price is always $0!

Smart shoppers often look for good deals in outlet stores. There, you can find merchandise at a 30–70% discount. Our auctions are much like bargain hunting at an outlet mall — on Wellbid, you can get the item of your dreams at up to 95% below retail price. That’s what we call a smart buy!

Smart shopping aficionados value their time and convenience. This is why Wellbid provides all you need to make savvy, thought-out purchases. You can buy the product you need quickly, without unnecessary formalities, and without leaving home. On top of that, you can also have lots of fun during the auction — a pretty cool twist on smart shopping, isn’t it?

Wellbid auctions are a great place for smart shoppers. It’s impossible NOT to buy smart here!

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