“Riddle of the Week” Contest

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Welcome! I’m Riddle Man. I’ve come to Wellbidland to have some fun. You are all invited to enter my “Riddle of the Week” contest. Each week, you can win a recharge code for 100 BIDs!

300x300_enigma_start_dotresciEvery Monday, I will post a riddle on the Wellbid blog. To make things just a little bit easier for you, my questions will only concern Wellbid. You can expect a variety of simple math and logical problems, as well as some pictorial puzzles.

Remember: the early bird catches the worm. The first person to send in the correct solution receives a recharge code for 100 BIDs!

Mail your answers to blog@wellbid.com. For more details, read the Terms and Conditions.

Are you ready for some riddles?

You can find all the riddles HERE.

Author: julia

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