The great come-back, or “Rise of the Tomb Raider”

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At long last — here it is! The latest entry in one of the most popular video game series premieres today. Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners have been looking forward to this day for quite a while. Now, it’s finally time to enter the world of “Rise of the Tomb Raider.”

The fans of the cult franchise have had to wait two long years for another chapter of Lara Croft’s adventures, but their patience has been well rewarded. Crystal Dynamics’ new oeuvre is game of truly grand scope, its world three times as expansive as that of 2013’s “Tomb Raider.” The beautiful archeologist’s travels will take her to many corners of the globe, from snowbound Siberia to sun-scorched Syria.

balyPursue the secret of immortality, explore dark tombs, solve puzzles, embark on side quests, fight wild beasts and the sinister Trinity organization — there is enough content in “Rise of the Tomb Raider” to keep busy for a long time. If you aim for 100% completion, you can expect to put in some 30 to 40 hours. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The extensive crafting mechanic and strong survivalist bend add up to an outstanding action adventure. Along the way, Lara acquires useful new skills, learning, for instance, to make poison arrows and Molotov’s cocktails. The illusion of roaming a living, breathing world is enhanced by a dynamic day/night cycle and changing weather conditions.

Just like in the previous Tomb Raider game, the creators put a lot of emphasis on character psychology. The heroine undergoes a gradual metamorphosis from an inexperienced, defenseless girl into a tough, fearless woman. New-generation graphics allow Lara to be represented more realistically than ever before, getting bloody and dirty as she makes her way across the game environments.

And now, a surprise: Xbox One consoles bundled with “Rise of the Tomb Raider” are already available at our auctions! Don’t wait — bid now!

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