Riddle no. 13

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Riddle Man has another math problem in store for you. Let’s put those addition skills to the test!

BLOG_2015_12_002_MF_Z13_pImagine a new user—“predator66”—has just registered on Wellbid. He bought a $40 BID pack and started bidding on a Sony Smartwatch 3. He didn’t stick with it, though—after just 5 manual bids he moved to an Apple Mac Mini.

In the Mac Mini auction, “predator66” first placed 10 manual bids, then set up Autobid for another 60 bids. After his Autobid run out, he bought one more BID pack from the Price List, paying $12.

Riddle Man wants to know: how many BIDs were left in this user’s account?

Send your solutions to blog@wellbid.com. Riddle Man is waiting for your answers until December 22, 2015.

To find out more about the contest, see HERE.

Author: julia

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  1. Solution to Riddle No. 13: “predator66” had 540 BIDs left in his account.

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