A Wellbid Christmas Tale

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One day, not so long ago, Santa Claus’s remote village erupted in utter chaos. Elves were running in circles, gnomes were crying in despair, Mrs Claus was wringing her hands. The whole Rovaniemi was in uproar over a shocking discovery: the promo packs that were to be delivered to the land of Wellbid had gone missing.

2015_12_22_Opowiesc wigilijna za10groszy_MF2_MWNo one knew how it had happened. The $40 1,500 BID packs had simply vanished into thin air. Day and night the search went on—the whole workshop was turned inside out. At long last, Dimey the Gnome admitted he had fallen asleep on his night shift. By the time he woke up, the packs were long gone.

At an emergency meeting in Santa’s office, the contrite Dimey vowed to get all the BID packs back. With the help of his friend, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, he launched a private investigation. All the while, Santa’s mailbox was bursting with letters from Wellbid users, ready to travel to Lapland to help with the search. And that’s how Dimey’s Brigade was formed.

elf_03Eventually, the mystery was solved. It was Grinch’s malevolent cousin who had stolen all the promo packs. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s infallible sense of smell led Dimey’s Brigade straight to the green scoundrel’s hideout. Facing the elves and gnomes’ wrath, the thief quickly surrendered all the BIDs.

Santa Claus quickly gathered the promo packs into his sack and, on December 21—right on schedule—delivered them to Wellbid’s Price List. 🙂

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