Auction Resolutions

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Little Johnny asks his mom: “What are New Year’s resolutions?” His mom replies: “Something you forget about by the end of January.” When it comes to Wellbid, though, there are some resolutions that may be worth keeping in mind…

1. I will always remember to recharge my account before an auction.

BLOG_2015_12_005---tyddzien-53_M2. I will make sure to create a good strategy beforehand.

3. Before stepping away from my computer, I will program enough bids on my Autobid.

4. I will not let myself get distracted when bidding manually.

5. I will try bidding from my phone.

6. I will not forget about the auction win limits.

7. I will use the chat box to try to scare away other bidders.

8. I will always have fun on Wellbid! 🙂

Which of these resolutions would you find the most difficult to keep?

Author: julia

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    How do I open an account and how do I recharge it??

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    • Take a look at the Help and FAQ pages–you will find all the necessary information there. If you still have questions afterwards, please contact our Customer Service.

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