Riddle no. 18

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You are no doubt well acquainted with the Autobid tool. That’s why Riddle Man is certain you will have no difficulty at all solving the following conundrum.

enigma_pyt_18MOn April 5, user “Foxy33” won a Lego set and a photo camera. Six days later he recharged his Account and bid on a bottle of perfume and a headphone set. He won both of these items. On April 26, he joined two auctions: one with a flash drive and another one with a smartphone. The moment he finished setting up Autobid for the smartphone auction, he won the flash drive. “Foxy33” was surprised when his Autobid did not place a single bid. Why was that?

Send your solutions to blog@wellbid.com. Riddle Man is waiting for your answers until January 27, 2016.

To find out more about the contest, see HERE.

Author: julia

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  1. Solution to Riddle No. 18: The Autobid did not place any bids because “Foxy33” had reached the win limit for item Auctions.

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