6 great reasons to use Autobid

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You are watching yet another auction and wondering, what’s the deal with Autobid? Isn’t it better to have complete control over your bids? The answer is—not necessarily. Give Autobid a try, we’re sure you’ll like it. To help you make up your mind, here’s six scenarios in which Autobid could prove useful.

1. You’re not sure when to start bidding

Smart Autobid to the rescue! It won’t start bidding until there’s just one participant left in the auction.* It’s a great solution for those who want to surprise and confuse their opponents.

2. Bidding on several auctions at once

You’ve come across a couple of interesting auctions and do not want to give up on any of them? Set up Autobid and watch it take care of business!

BOK_2016_06_003_MF_p3. Late-night auctions

Great deals beckon but another sleepless night seems like too much? Let Autobid do the all the work, while you enjoy the rest you deserve. Who knows, you might even wake up to a won auction…

4. You’re at work, in school, out shopping…

You can set up Autobid from your smartphone—no matter where you are or what you are doing! Adjust the settings or start bidding manually if and when you find a moment.

5. You want to scare away the competition

Constantly tweak the settings on your Autobid to keep your opponents guessing. They’ll go crazy trying to figure out whether you’re running out of BIDs or, on the contrary, have just recharged your account again.

6. Autobid never forgets

Got things to do, places to go? Autobid will hold the fort. It never gets distracted, never forgets, and never hesitates. Rest easy knowing that your bids will always be placed at the best possible moment.

As you can see, Autobid offers plenty of advantages and comes in handy in a variety of situations. Let it work for you. It could make all the difference between losing and winning!

* Keep in mind that, upon activation, Smart Autobid turns into regular Autobid. Find out more HERE.

Author: julia

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