7 tips for beginners

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How to win an auction? There are as many strategies as there are bidders. But, it is also true that success depends on patience, persistence, and knowledge. Especially with our new users in mind, we have prepared some advice that will help you make the most of your Wellbid experience.

1. Know the rules
BOK_2016_07_006_MF_pAuction rules are detailed in the Terms and Conditions. You should also take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions and Help pages. And don’t forget to visit our blog—it’s a treasure trove of information for new and seasoned users alike.

2. Think ahead
Always make sure you have enough BIDs before you join an auction. Don’t put off recharging your account until the last moment. Remember that all transactions are handled by third-party service providers and payment processing may sometimes take a while.

3. Pace yourself
Wellbid offers lots of great items at very low prices, but to snap up the best deals you need to learn the ropes first. Don’t immediately rush into auctions featuring expensive products—they tend to attract experienced users, who might just be too much for a beginner to handle. Hone your skills bidding on gift cards or BID packs. With less competition, it will be far easier to win.

4. Watch and learn
Careful observation is great way to learn the secrets of effective bidding. Pay attention and draw conclusions. Bid manually or with Autobid? Slow and steady or hit-and-run? Learn from other people’s successes and failures.

5. Review the stats
Every auction detail page has its own “Statistics” tab, which gives you access to key details of ten most recent auctions with the same item. This includes their duration and the amount of BIDs spent by the winners. With this information on hand, coming up with a successful strategy should be a snap!

6. Win and trade
Bid on items that have already been available at our auctions for a while, such as gift cards or classic fragrances. If you don’t need them at the moment, you can trade them for extra BIDs. It’s an easy way to boost your account balance!

7. Be active
Want even more BIDs? Don’t forget to leave comments to the auctions you have won. We also invite you to write posts for our blog and participate in Facebook contests.
We hope you’ll find these pointers useful. Best of luck at our auctions!

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