A few recipes for extra BIDs

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There’s simply no such thing as too many BIDs. The greater your BID reserves, the better your chances of getting your dream item—that’s hardly a secret. But, did you know you can boost your account balance with minimal effort and expense? Read on to find out how.

BOK_2016_08_001_MF_pDuring an auction, every BID counts. After all, any moment you could be just one click away from victory. Sure, you can always just swing by the Price List and buy another pack. What you might not realize, though, is that there are ways to add BIDs to your account practically for free! All you need is some smarts and some patience—and of course a little bit of effort.

Leave a comment
What’s better than a won auction? Easy! A won auction plus 200 BIDs! Pose with the item you’ve won, snap a picture, and add a few words. Share your experiences—and we’ll share some BIDs. 😉

Exchange your winnings
Did you know that every won item can be exchanged for BIDs? Start the payment process like you normally would and you’ll see a unique offer prepared just for you. Remember that the exchange cannot be undone, so think twice before you proceed! Once you confirm your decision, your account will be credited automatically.

Enter a contest
You can win BIDs in our contests, too. Regularly visit our Facebook page to find out about current and upcoming opportunities. Correctly answer a question or complete a task and the prize can be yours!

Write for our blog
Feeling creative? Contribute to our blog! Write a report from a particularly exciting auction, describe an interesting strategy, or review a product you’ve won. Surprise us! You’ll get a recharge code for every accepted text. The best submissions can earn even 500 BIDs!

Bid on BIDs
Don’t forget that packs of 100 and 500 BIDs are regularly listed at our auctions. They can be won for as little as a few cents. Play your cards right and even a small expenditure will pay for itself many times over.


The lesson here is clear: the more active you are, the more you can gain. Show off your writing skill, leave comments to the auctions you’ve won, enter contests, exchange, and win. There is no shortage of opportunities—free BIDs are at an arm’s reach. See you at the auctions!

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