Be smart like Mike!

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Meet Mike. Mike is a die-hard gamer. He enjoys new technologies, fast-paced fun, and fierce competition. Mike also knows how to find the best deals. Be smart! Be like Mike!




When I saw the new Xbox One S on Wellbid, I knew right away: I had to have it! The game plan came together in a flash. Observation + analysis = the winning strategy. Add some BIDs in my account and I’m ready to go. All systems green. Nothing and no one will stand between me and victory!






Start out with Autobid, then a couple of manual hits. A short break, then Autobid again. You can’t beat me, I’m invincible! Bid! Bid! Doorbell? Must be the pizza guy… Let’s see. Plenty of folks still joining in, this isn’t gonna end any time soon. Can’t bid on an empty stomach. I’ll be back in a sec and then I’ll show you…





Wait, what? “Finished”? Whaddaya mean, “Finished”? I only stepped out for a minute! Five minutes, tops. OK, fine, perhaps more like seven, but still… Man, what am I supposed to do now? My BIDs, my precious BIDs, all gone…

Or… are they? That’s right—I can get them back! All I need to do is use “Buy It Now.” Then I can get the console at a discount or have the BIDs I spent at the auction returned to my account! Whew, what a relief…




The package was at my door just a few days later. This time, I made sure I had Autobids set up at all my auctions. 🙂 Now, I can enjoy my sweet new Xbox. I just wish this stupid TV wasn’t so small. Luckily, my BID return should be processed any day now. And as soon as that’s done…




An auction didn’t go your way? Not a problem, you can still get your dream item! Use “Buy It Now” and we’ll lower the purchase price by the value of the returnable BIDs you spent or credit them back to your account. With Wellbid, you never lose!

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