How to bid when low on BIDs

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When you’ve got lots of BIDs, bidding is easy. But what to do when your account balance is running low? You have several options at your disposal! With careful observation, patience, and a good strategy, it’s possible to get a lot while spending very little. 🙂

Start with analyzing completed auctions. In the “Statistics” tab, you can see the amount of BIDs spent by the winners. You should keep an eye on other users, too—some of them may be real champion bidders, winning auctions at the cost of just a couple of BIDs!

If your account balance is running low, try to bid manually instead of setting up Autobid. This will give you more control over your spending. Just make sure to pick the best time to place your bids. Also, focus on auctions with fewer participants. But don’t forget that Smart Autobids might be waiting to kick in as soon as there’s just one active bidder left. This is why observation and patience are so important.

BLOG_2015_06_002_MF_t32_pUnless you have a solid game plan, refrain from bidding on several auctions at once. Focus on one auction at a time, and come up with an optimal strategy. For instance, let the auction go on for a while before joining in. Perhaps the other participants are running out of BIDs and you will be able to claim an easy win.

Beyond that, it might be a good idea to concentrate on merchandise that have already been available at our auctions for some time, such as gift cards, fragrances, LEGO sets, or flash drives. If you’re not interested in any of these, you can always exchange the won items for BIDs! And don’t forget about BID pack auctions, which you can win once every 24 hours. Both options are good ways to boost your account balance.

One thing is sure: bidding with few BIDs in your account is sure to keep you on the verge of your seat. Of course, you may come up against some really persistent opponents. In such a case more BIDs is definitely better, so don’t miss the great promos available from the Price List!

Author: julia

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