How to bid effectively?

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Most people registering on Wellbid are driven by just one desire: to win an auction, as soon as possible and at the lowest expense possible. Let’s be honest, though—there may be many bidders, but there can only be one winner. What, then, do you need to do to come out on top?

How to win your first auction?
In order to win, you have to bid. That’s a no-brainer. But, you might want to spend a few hours watching others bid, first. Then, buy a BID pack that suits you. And for your first auction experience, try something from the Amazing Deals category. With lower stakes and less pressure, you’ll able to learn your ropes and have fun doing it.

Making your dreams come true with Wellbid
tydzien_45_mDreaming of a 4K TV, a late-model smartphone, or a high-tech toy for your little one? Before you start bidding on big-ticket items, get ready. Work out a strategy, figure out whether it makes more sense to bid at night or during work hours. Will you bid manually or use Autobid? Decide how many BIDs you want to reserve for the auction and make sure to recharge your account in advance. These are not things you should leave for the last moment. Remember: haste makes waste!

Won an auction? Congratulations!
Payment instructions and shipping information will be delivered to your user profile message center. If anything’s not entirely clear, just drop us a line. Before you proceed with your payment, however, take a moment to review your options. Did you know you can exchange any won item for BIDs? Give this some thought—it may be a good idea…

Haven’t won? Buy It Now!
If you haven’t managed to win this time around, don’t fret. You can recoup your losses with the Buy It Now feature. There are two options to choose from: purchase the item at a discount or get back the BIDs spent at the auction. Nice, isn’t it?

A word of caution
Our auctions are a lot of fun, but don’t forget BIDs cost real money. Don’t jump in at the deep end. Before you begin, read the Terms and Conditions and get to know the auction rules. Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section, too—it’s a virtual treasure trove of useful information!

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