Ask Wellbid: At the last moment

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In this new post series, we’re answering your questions. Something strange happened during an auction? One of the site functionalities is giving you trouble? “Help” isn’t all that helpful? Let us know! We’ll solve any mystery you throw our way!

I placed a bid just when the auction was about to end but it didn’t register. Why?
– cawefur41

On sites such as eBay, the final seconds of an auction are a virtual race for victory. Many participants attempt to “squeeze in” that final, decisive bid at the last possible moment—so as not to leave their opponents any time to react. Anyone who has ever had a seemingly certain win snatched away from them knows how infuriatingly effective this tactic can be.

BOK_2017_01_003_MF_pOf course, on eBay you know exactly when the auction will end. Wellbid, on the other hand, functions more like traditional auction houses. Our auctions continue as long as new bids are coming in. Every bid opens a new “round,” giving all the other participants a few more seconds to make another offer. It doesn’t matter whether you bid 10, 5, or 1 second before the end—the result will be exactly the same!

But there’s more. The final moments of every round are reserved for Autobids. What does it mean? In order to make sure all automatic bids are registered correctly, the system temporarily suspend manual bidding. This only takes a fraction of a second, but clicking the “Bid” button just as the auction timer is reaching zero may have no result at all. Keep this in mind, and you’ll be spared an unpleasant surprise.

As you can see, there are no real advantages to last-moment bidding. Worse yet, it can be quite risky. The conclusion is obvious: do not tempt fate. On Wellbid, a good strategy is far more important than good reflexes!


Do you have questions about Wellbid? Post them in the comments below, or send them in using the contact form (make sure to put “Ask Wellbid” in the subject line). We’ll be happy to help.

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