When to bid?

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It’s a question you ask us a lot: when best to bid? The answer seems to be obvious: bid when others are not. Of course, in reality things are not quite that simple. Why? Read on to find out.

First, think for a moment. When do you usually participate in our auctions? For most of you, Wellbid is a way to relax after a long and busy day. Eight hours of work—not to mention all the time you spend commuting—plus all the other responsibilities that need to be taken care of… It’s really only in the evenings and on weekends that you can find a few moments just for yourself. No wonder that’s when you visit our site most frequently.

Here’s the thing, though. If you have the time for our auctions, so do scores of other users. Now, if evenings and weekends see a surge in bidding activity, it stands to reason that these are exactly the periods you should avoid. After all, why deal with more competition than you absolutely need to? Isn’t it better to show up when everyone else is busy or happily snoring away? Well, sure. There’s just one small “but”…

As you no doubt realize, Wellbid operates internationally. We are present on six continents (sorry, Antarctica). Our users hail from over 150 countries and territories scattered across practically all the time zones in the world. When it’s the middle of the night for some, others are only getting off work. Others yet have just woken up. Trust us when we say this, Wellbid never sleeps!

BOK_2017_01_006_MF_pSo, what about our central question? Will it have to remain unanswered? Not at all, but figuring this one out will require a bit of cunning and effort on your part. Throughout the day, traffic levels on wellbid.com fluctuate constantly. Attentive observers will only need a glance at the home page to recognize a period of decreased activity. Careful analysis of the statistics will even make it possible to predict ahead of time the best time to join an auction.

Naturally, it is possible that the best time to bid will not also be the most convenient. With this in mind, we offer you a suite of useful tools. Got important things on your mind? Set up Autobid or Smart Autobid. In transit? Use our mobile app. Don’t let the distractions of everyday life stand between you and victory!

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