Valentine’s Day on Wellbid

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Have you made your plans for Tuesday night yet? Perhaps a romantic dinner? A movie or a concert? How about… an exciting auction for two?

Would you like to learn something new about your relationship? We can help. Pick an item both of you will enjoy, work together to develop a strategy, and start bidding! Do you make a good team? The proverbial birds of a feather or complete opposites? See for yourself!

To make your task easier, you have four more days to take advantage of our Valentine’s day promotion. Until midnight on February 14, get the 2 x 200 BID double pack for only €10. The promo pack is available from the Price List page continuously, with no restrictions.

We have one more Valentine’s Day surprise for you. On February 14, all BID packs listed at our auctions will double in value! Don’t miss this deal—the special Valentine’s Day auctions will only be available for 24 hours!

We hope your Valentine’s Day this year will be full of fun, excitement, and romance. Visit us on—and bring your special friend!

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