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You’d like to begin your adventure with Wellbid, but your head is bursting with questions. How do penny auctions work, exactly? What are those BIDs and why do I even need them? How can the prices be this low? Fear not! All the information necessary to successfully participate in our auctions is right at your fingertips.

If this is your first contact with Wellbid, it’s best you begin with the How It Works page. It will give you a brief, straightforward introduction to the basics of auctions on Your next stop should be the Help section. There, you’ll find concise answers to questions such as: What is “entertainment shopping”? How to create a user account on Wellbid? How to join an auction? What to do once you win? You’ll also learn about the “Buy It Now” feature and find out how to participate in the Wellbid community. To visit the Help section, follow the link in the footer menu.

You already know the basics and are seeking in-depth understanding of all the site functionalities? Take a look at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Discover all you need know about Your account, from registration to removal. We’ll explain how to enter your shipping address, how to proceed when you need to modify your user profile, what account verification is all about, and more.

You’ve purchased BIDs but they still haven’t been added to your account balance? You’re wondering what payment methods are available? Not sure how to redeem your recharge code? Answers are waiting in the Recharging your account tab.

Before you start having fun at our auctions, make sure you thoroughly understand the Bidding process. Learn what BIDs are and how to use them, how bids are placed, and when an auction comes to an end. Make sure to read up on Autobids and Auction win limits, and find why you always win with the Buy It Now feature. The FAQ section also includes lost of important information about Payment for won auctions, as well as Delivery and warranty terms.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Wellbidder, questions or doubts may pop up in your mind at any moment. Thanks to all the resources you have at your disposal, you will always find the answers you seek. Armed with the knowledge gained from the Help and FAQ pages, you’ll be able to overcome any obstacles!

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