Read the Frequently Asked Questions

» How to create an Account?

Just fill out the registration form and buy your first BID pack. Would you prefer to set up an Account even faster? Sign up with Facebook. If you decide at a later time you would rather sign in directly to Wellbid, you can change your password under MY ACCOUNT → My Information.


» I’ve created an Account. When can I start bidding?

Your Account will only be fully activated once you have purchased your first BID pack from the Price List.


» How can I edit my personal information?

Any changes to your personal information should be reported to our Customer Service via the contact form at your earliest convenience. Please keep in mind that your name, date of birth, Username, and e-mail address cannot be changed.


» Where do I put my shipping address?

You can specify your shipping address directly after winning an Auction. Please provide an address where you can be reached during carriers’ regular delivery hours and make sure all the information, including the recipient’s first and last name, address, and phone number, is complete and correct. Note that all our shipments require signature on delivery; accordingly, we cannot ship to P.O. Box addresses.


» What is Account verification?

Account verification is a standard procedure that ensures the safety and security of our Users by confirming the authenticity of your personal information. To have your Account verified, within 7 days go to MY ACCOUNT → My Information and upload an identity document (such as an ID card, driving license, or passport) confirming the information entered in your profile: first and last name, and residence address. You can continue to use your Account (buy BIDs, bid on Auctions, etc.) while the verification process is taking place. However, any Auctions you win will only be verified once the verification of your Account is successfully completed. Account verification is typically completed within 2 business days of the receipt of the required documents.


» How to close an Account?

To close your Account, please go to MY ACCOUNT → My Information and click the “Close account” button.

» I’ve bought a BID pack. Why aren’t there any BIDs in my Account?

BIDs will be credited to your Account automatically once your payment is posted. Payment processing usually takes a few minutes but, depending on the selected payment method as well as the accuracy and completeness of the transaction, may require up to several days. Note that Wellbid doesn’t have access to your payment details. If you experience any problems with the payment process, please contact your Payment Service Provider directly. You can find more information about payments HERE.


» Can I pay for several BID packs with one money transfer?

The payment for each BID pack must be made separately. Do not enter multiple payment reference numbers for one payment and do not combine payments for several BID packs. The payment service operator will not be able to process such payments. You can find more information about payments HERE.


» How to use a recharge code?

A recharge code received from Wellbid can be redeemed on the Price List page. A recharge code can only be redeemed after you have bought at least one BID pack. Recharge codes are valid for 28 days.

» What are BIDs?

BIDs are Wellbid’s internal currency that allows you to bid on Auctions and use other site features. BIDs expended during an Auction are not returned to your Account; the only exception are “Buy It Now” purchases. BIDs cannot be transferred to any other User or exchanged back into money.


» What are returnable and non-returnable BIDs and where can I check my Account balance?

Non-returnable BIDs can be won at Auctions, obtained as a gift from Wellbid, won in contests, or received for “Buy It Now” purchases. Returnable BIDs can be bought in packs from the Price List or earned in exchange for won Auction items. When bidding on Auctions, returnable BIDs are used first. Your current Account balance is always visible after signing in. The complete BID transaction history is available under MY ACCOUNT → Account History. For more information about returnable and non-returnable BIDs, see HERE.


» What does “Bid x6” on the Auction card mean?

“Bid x6” means that for each Bid placed on the Auction (either manually or with Autobid), 6 BIDs will be taken from your Account.


» How much is the price raised during an Auction?

The price for every items always starts at 0; every Bid increases it by the amount displayed on the Auction detail page. The amount of BIDs required to place one Bid is specified in Auction parameters (e.g. 6 BIDs).


» When does an Auction end?

The countdown clock shows the current Time to Bid, during which a new high offer must be made. An Auction lasts as long as there are participants willing to bid over the current price. An Auction ends when no more offers are made, the clock reaches zero, and the “Finished” sign is displayed.

» What is Autobid and how do I set it up?

Autobid is a site feature that allows you to start bidding only when no more manual Bids are placed on an Auction. When the Auction timer approaches zero, the Autobid phase begins. Autobid can be set up on the Auction detail page. To set up Autobid, simply enter the number of Bids you want it to place. You can increase the number of Bids at will or decrease it to the minimum allowed value. Please note that you enter the number of Bids you want Autobid to place, not the amount of BIDs you want it to use. If more than one User sets up Autobid at a given Auction, Autobids will place Bids in the order they were set up.


» What is Smart Autobid and how is it different from Simple Autobid?

Smart Autobid starts bidding only when all other Bids have already been placed (either manually or with Simple Autobid) and only one participant – the current Winner – is left in the Auction. Such an Auction would end, were it not for Smart Autobid. Turning Smart Autobid on requires an extra fee. The BID amount is deducted from your Account when Smart Autobid activates. Smart Autobid can be turned off prior to its first Bid. Upon activation, Smart Autobid turns into Simple Autobid and follows Simple Autobid rules.


» How much does it cost to turn on Smart Autobid?

Turning on Smart Autobid carries an extra fee in BIDs, the exact amount of which is displayed on the screen. The fee is only deducted from your Account when Smart Autobid activates. For example, at a “Bid x 6” Auction with a 10 BID Smart Autobid fee, the first Bid will cost 16 BIDs and each subsequent Bid – 6 BIDs. Smart Autobid can be turned off prior to its first Bid, in which case the “setup fee” is not charged.


» Can Autobid be turned off?

Smart Autobid can be turned off before it places its first Bid. Simple Autobid cannot be turned off but the number of Bids is is programmed to place can at any time be set to the minimum allowed value, i.e. 5 Bids. If, during an Auction, you run out of BIDs, Autobid will suspend bidding until you recharge your Account – provided the Auction does not end in the meantime. Also, if, at any time, you reach the Auction win limit, Autobid will stop placing Bids on any Auctions you are not currently eligible to win.

» What is “Buy It Now”?

“Buy It Now” is an opportunity to purchase an auctioned item without bidding. You can use “Buy It Now” for 24 hours after the end of the Auction, as long as the option is visible on the Auction detail page. There are two choices available. You can pay the full retail price for the auctioned item and have the BIDs spent on the Auction returned to your Account (only from the pool of returnable BIDs, however); alternatively, you can buy the item at a discounted price, lowered by the value of returnable BIDs spent on the Auction. For more information, see HERE.


» How many BIDs will I get back from a Buy it Now purchase and how long will it take?

BIDs are returned to your Account automatically within 45 days after you confirm item receipt in under MY ACCOUNT → Auctions → Buy It Now. The BIDs you receive are added to the non-returnable BID pool. You get back all returnable BIDs spent on a given Auction. The amount of BIDs eligible for return is always displayed on the screen before purchase confirmation.

» What are the win limits on Wellbid?

You can win one BID pack Auction every 24 hours, and up to 5 item Auctions within any 30-day (720-hour) period. The limit is calculated individually for each Auction. If you are bidding on several Auction simultaneously, and, by winning one of them, reach your win limit, you will not be able to continue bidding on any Auctions you are no longer eligible to win. The Auction win limit cannot be raised. The same limits apply to all Wellbid users.

» How to pay for an Auction?

To pay for a won Auction, clicking on the link found in the win confirmation message or go to MY ACCOUNT → Auctions → Won. You have to pay for each Auction separately. Payment must be made within 7 days. Note that each payment must be made separately. Do not enter multiple payment reference numbers for one payment and do not combine payments for several items. The payment service operator will not be able to process such payments.


» How much do I have to pay for an Auction?

If you won an item, you have to pay the final price of the Auction and the shipping fees. If you won a BID pack, you only have to pay the final price of the Auction. BIDs are credited to your Account automatically once the payment is posted. If the final price is very low, the Auction is automatically marked as paid for after clicking on the “Pay” button.


» How do I exchange a won item for BIDs/PayPal credit?

Items won at Auctions can be exchanged for BIDs or PayPal credit. To see the exchange offer, click on the “Pay” button. Exchange offers are always individual and one time only. Once the offer is presented, you can still change your mind and choose to pay for the item. The amount of BIDs/PayPal credit depends on the retail value of the won item and the final price of the Auction. There are no additional fees associated with the exchange option. If you choose to exchange the item for BIDs, the amount will be automatically credited to your Account. If you select PayPal credit, please note that your PayPal account must be verified and used to buy at least one BID pack first.

» When will I receive the item I won?

The won item will be sent to your shipping address within 14 days after the payment for the Auction is posted. You will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number in a separate message.


» Where can I find my invoice?

Invoices can be downloaded from MY ACCOUNT → Auctions → Won for 30 days after purchase date. An invoice is required for warranty claims.


» I’ve received a damaged item. What should I do?

If the item you have received is damaged or faulty, you must fill out a damage report in the presence of the carrier.


» How can I leave a comment on an Auction I won?

After receiving the item you have won, take a photo of yourself with your prize and write down your impressions from the Auction. You can leave a comment for every item Auction you have won (with the exception of gift card Auctions), as long as you haven’t exchanged the item for BIDs/PayPal credit. To leave a comment, use the “Comment” button displayed next to the won Auction under MY ACCOUNT → Auctions → Won. You have 60 days to leave your comment. For more information on commenting, see HERE.